ezTalks online meetings

ezTalks online meetings

5 Zoho Meeting Alternatives

Zoho Meeting offers consumers several apps like Calendar, Chat and CRM. It is indeed a popular business communication tool in the globe today. However, as exemplary as Zoho tool is there are a good number of alternatives for users.

What Is Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting can be described as top notch business communication tool that has features such as desktop sharing, web meetings and web conferencing. It is particularly designed for business companies who have several teams working in different locations so that coordinate closely together and in real time. It allows users to conduct their online meetings in a more efficient manner as well as to decrease travel costs. Zoho works well with Linux OS, Mac and Windows. It also supports browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. Consumers can easily rebrand Zoho with their own logo and color scheme and embed it to their website to access a wider audience. The software allows users to conveniently transfer control to clients in the course of product presentations.

5 Zoho Meeting Alternatives You May Want to Know:

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

It is considered to be the best video conferencing software to be released to the market in recent times. It is no secret why it is at the top of the list of Zoho meeting alternatives. The key features of ezTalks Cloud are as follows:

• It is free for 100 attendees with 40 minutes.
• Private & group text chat.
• Collaboration tools such as remote control, whiteboard annotation and drawing.
• Meeting recording function.
• Content sharing.
• Instant messaging feature.
Screen sharing.
• Microphone/audio mute ability.
• Attendees who lack an account can be made presenter.

The audio conferencing offered by ezTalks Cloud Meeting is toll free. This software can be successfully used in industries like military, finance, legal, healthcare, training, education, government, community, enterprise as well as other industries for webinar, online training, online teaching and online meeting.

2. GoToMeeting

This is a popular tool for communication the world over. It is considered to be among the top Zoho Meeting alternatives currently available in the market for consumers. This is because it allows for the easy scheduling of meetings. It enables users to virtually meet with many users i.e. up to twenty five people. It has chat options like VoIP, mobile phone access and video. GoToMeeting is fairly straight forward and very easy to utilize. This effective tool has interesting features like the ability to share screen, HD Video Conferencing, personal meeting room etc. A person can collaborate and present straight from his/her computer or iPad.

3. Cisco WebEx

This Zoho Meeting alternative is highly regarded as a global leader with regard to video conferencing and web conferencing. It has been in operation for a while now and this is why it is being utilized by giant brands in the inexpensive and easy delivery of webinars. Cisco WebEx is keen on providing excellent HD video calling services to all its consumers. In fact, one of its strong points is the ability to display 7 screens simultaneously. The salient features of this product include white boarding tools, note taking tools, annotation tools, video and audio recording options.

The screen sharing feature exhibited by Cisco WebEx only allows the user to share a portion of the apps on his/her screen rather than the entire desktop.

4. Join.me

This is a good training wheel for webinar especially for people who are doing smaller webinars on the fly as well as for those interested in instant screen sharing. It is indeed a simpler Zoho Meeting alternative for holding instant online meeting. Viewers of Join.me do not require to make any downloads. Join.me allows users to share their ideas and easily collaborate in just a matter of seconds from a smartphone, tablet or desktop device. This is the main reason why it has become one of the fastest growing solutions for collaboration.
The main features of Join.me include the following:

• Calendar plug ins.
• Chat feature with up to 250 participants.
• Record functionality.
• File transfer features.
• Video chat.
• VoIP.
• Personal chat rooms.
• Cloud storage.
• Salesforce.com integration.

5. 8×8 Virtual Meeting

This is regarded as an impressive business communication app particularly for purposes of effective collaboration. This is because 8×8 Virtual Meeting aids in the unification and expansion of business teams all over the globe. It achieves this through VoIP and desktop sharing, web meetings with chat. This communication tool allows consumers to conduct presentations or share their desktop via a webcam. Furthermore, for better outcomes users can utilize integrated 8×8 chat, private meeting and VoIP features to manage calls.

8×8 Virtual Meeting helps consumers to provide better services to clients using a very clean interface and intuitive features. Other notable features of this Zoho meeting alternative are mobile integration, faxing and Web conferencing.


There are several Zoho meeting alternatives but the above 5 are considered to be the very best in the market and should be highly considered by consumers.

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9 Best Online Training Platforms Today

Every organization recognizes the need to adequately train their staff. It keeps them updated and makes them feel incorporated into the overall plan of the business. There are, however, several challenges that come with training. These include high costs, lack of time and variations in the information communicated to the trainees.

Online training platforms are the solution to this problem. They ensure that all employees of an organization receive the same training, regardless of whether they work in the same location. The following is a list of the 9 best online training platforms available today.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a revolutionary application. It offers several great features both on its free online training platform and reasonably priced plans. This application works on iOS, PC, Mac and Android. You can train up to 100 people with no cost on ezTalks. The friendly and interactive user interface makes the trainees feel like they are in the small classroom. Users can share text messages privately or publicly making the learning process both fun and engaging.

The application offers HD streaming of videos and images making the learning material overall more attractive. You can also use the interactive whiteboard to share ideas with the rest of the class. It also allows for excellent control as learners can change the presenter, mute other users etc. These great features make it one of the best online training platforms. This is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their training services!


2. GoToTraining

This is a great online video training platform. It has a 14 day free trial period and competitively priced plans for you to choose from after assessing the free online training platform. GoToTraining allows you to study your students before you start the class. This allows you to customize your material to meet their individual needs. It also allows you to share lots of learning material including videos and power point presentations.

GoToTraining has several features to make the learning process more interactive. These include whiteboards that can be shared with the rest of the class and in class activities that include small group discussions. It also allows for the administrations of tests to asses learners’ performance.


3. Zoho ShowTime

Zoho ShowTime offers an easy to use interface that makes the learning process both simple and fun. It provides the trainers with timely analytics of the class to help them monitor and improve the sessions. It also has a very simple registration process. It allows for great class engagement using features such as virtual question and answer sessions and real time polls within the class. It also saves the users’ details so that they can keep talking even when the class is over.

zoho showtime

4. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is another good online training platform open source tool. It has a professional and straight forward user interface. This online training platform can accommodate different training programs and still work efficiently. It is ideal for organizations carrying out multi-departmental training courses. Using just one app they can teach each of the different syllabuses. It also integrates very easily with most software making it easy to upload learning material. This app is also mobile friendly so learners can have the lesson wherever they are.


5. AdaptiveU

AdaptiveU’s cool and modern interface is one of its best features. This application allows for exclusive courses making it ideal for special training, for example, new employees or high-level user access knowledge. You can include links, quizzes, videos and presentations. It also has a reward system for learners who complete the various challenges. These rewards can be redeemed at the app’s store for real time gifts.


6. Docebo

Docebo is also another online personal training platform. It helps make the learning process more efficient and accessible both to private users and organizations. It has several great features one being that it gives the users unlimited reporting time as well as several types of thirty user integration. Another great feature of this app is its allowance for social networking. This makes for not just great learning but excellent networking as well. It also has great gamification features.


7. WizIQ

Just like the name suggests, WizIQ works to increase the learner’s knowledge levels as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is basically a virtual classroom where students can ask their trainers' questions in real time. Like a real classroom, the trainer can also give learning material and monitor the learners’ attendance and development. This app also has excellent customization features that allow the users to incorporate their individual brand colors and logos to the classroom.


8. Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk makes the entire training process much easier. It does this through several features that include mass and self-registration. Digital Chalk enables HD streaming of learning material as well as the attachment of a variety of reading materials. It also helps the trainers make sure that the learners watch the videos. Another one of its unique features is that it can generate customized certificates for the learners once they complete the course.

digital chalk

9. ClickMeeting

This is a great application that works on most PC and smartphone operating systems. ClickMeeting enables you to make customized webinar invitations as well as run smooth webinars using various tools such as a whiteboard where you can make illustrations to your audience. The fact that you can create and upload content in real time is one of its best features.


The reason why these are the best online training platforms is that they have reliable systems that consistently deliver good service. You will not experience any lags or failures using these training tools. They also offer competitive prices for their plans that just about anyone can afford. After looking through all these online training platform reviews, you can easily to find a right one that meets your needs.

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10 Common Virtual Team Challenges

Virtual teams refer to a group of people who work across space, time, and organizational boundaries with electronic communication being the main form of interaction. Most project teams work virtually in one form or another. This includes working from different time zones, geographical locations, firm-wide boundaries or with other third parties. However, the concept of virtual teams faces various challenges mainly due to lack of face to face interaction. Below is an insight into the virtual team challenges and their management.

virtual team challenge

1. Poor communication

Most virtual teams cite communication as one of their greatest challenges. They lack informal, everyday face to face communication, which often results in loss of information or miscommunication. The team members often go for days without contact which can lead to a feeling of isolation.

It is inherent that poor communication is the main factor hindering innovation, effectiveness and decision making. Faced with the virtual team communication challenges, therefore, team managers should enhance communication to increase everyday interactions. This can be through creating smaller interdependent tasks and developing partnerships which can give virtual teams goals to achieve together. Or, use a video conferencing solution - ezTalks Cloud Meeting, to get all team members connected to each other through HD video and audio, no matter where they are.

2. Lack of social interaction

The second challenges of virtual teams is that virtual working can be draining, as it is hard for team members to create working friendships. Team members do not see how their work and projects fit as a whole, so they often become demotivated and despondent.

Virtual team leaders should, therefore, strive to increase social interactions by engaging members in written communication, such as Instant Messaging. As well, regular communication on the progress of every member helps increase the overall team effort.

3. Lack of trust

Virtual working often creates mistrust among team members, which is often one of the biggest challenges of managing virtual teams. Members rarely work at the same time, cannot see what others are doing and do not get immediate responses. Trust is, therefore, a big problem which can be averted by creating awareness of the contribution and achievements of every team member. Supportive team managers who set clear goals and expectations also help in building trust among team members.

4. Diverse multicultural teams

Virtual teams often constitute people from different ethnic groups, with different cultures. As a result, the team members have conflicting customs, work habits, and values. Overcoming cultural diversity automatically becomes a challenge as everyone follows his or her way of working and leaders face the challenge of finding common grounds to manage team members. To minimize conflicts, the virtual teams should agree on some work ethics and team customs to foster cultural understanding.

5. Loss of morale and team spirit

A significant percentage of virtual team members have trouble keeping their spirits high. Unlike face to face teams that create cohesiveness, virtual teams feel more like some globally dispersed individuals who are working on the same project.

Although faced with challenges with virtual teams, virtual teams can be more cohesive, effective and engaging through shared leadership. The leaders should create a clear direction for the team members, making sure everyone is connected to a common goal and vision.

6. Physical distance

Lack of face to face interaction means cold relations among members, which pose great risks for the competence of the virtual team. While the members experience the inability to ask questions, there are difficulties with delegation. It is therefore advisable that team leaders pay attention to every member, to create a sense of commitment and ownership of the project.

7. Time zone differences

This is an obvious challenge of working in virtual teams, as members reside in different locations. However, relying on collaboration tools to minimize the time overlap between members and reduce the number of virtual meetings is an effective strategy for addressing this challenge.

8. Routine

Just like in any other working environment, working on a daily routine reduces motivation especially in virtual teams. Members feel exhausted for staying on the computer for long hours leading to unmotivated employees. That's one of challenges in virtual teams that you will face.

9. Personal life and work-life imbalance

The concept of virtual teams involves tasks being accomplished from the same physical space, where most team members go about their personal lives. That one of the challenges faced by virtual teams means work will affect team members' personal life, or the other way round. Harmonizing personal life and work life is therefore crucial to the success of any virtual work.

10. Lack of clarity, direction, and priorities

The most difficult part of entrenching a specific goal is maintaining it and keeping everyone focused. Virtual staff consists of professionals living in different time zones, with varying priorities and abilities, making it difficult to keep everyone in the same direction.

Despite the challenges of virtual teams, however, it is possible to build a successful and productive virtual team. It requires planning, dedication, foresight, hard work and engaging all team members.

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How to Share Computer Screen

Today's technological advancements have made it easier to communicate with remotely placed individual or group of individuals by using various instant communication software options. Another facility provided by these communication options is screen sharing. You can share computer screen with a number of people at a time while communicating with them with the help of instant messaging tools. If you are facing some technical problem or even want to see movie of your choice, running on your TV, in your bed even then you can share screen online if you know how to share computer screen.

Reasons to Share Computer Screen:

Along with sharing data with remote people for solving problems and making the things easier screen sharing tools are used for various other purposes also like:

• Comparing and editing pictures and videos
• Cutting and pasting things on two screens side by side
• Television streaming
• Online gaming
• Using personalized homepages as required
• Keeping track of your social media streams
• Using two browsers at a time
• Running several screens through various operating systems
• Comparison of products

5 Options to Share Computer Screen Effectively

In order to know how to share computer screen you will be introduced to some of the top software options that can help you to share screen online. They will help to share computer screen along with communicating with several people online at the same time.

1. Skype

This communication software allows video calling between various individuals and group since its launch. You can also use its easy-to-use screen sharing feature to share the screen of your computer between the people you are communicating. You can click of Share Screen button of your computer to share the screen of your desktop during a call. Skype can be easily downloaded anytime. Thus, it allows you to share data and other information between your friends, family and colleagues while making long distant calls.

2. Team Viewer

It is another software that allows share screen online by connecting with remote computer free of cost. By sharing computer screen. Team Viewer also allows you to control the settings of a remote computer along with attending online meetings and web conferences. If you use this software for personal use then it is free for you but if you are using it for business purposes then you will have to buy its paid version. In this way it is among the most easily available and powerful tools used to share computer screens.

3. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is considered one of the best software to share computer screens along with scheduling video conferencing between remote participants. One of the many features of this software include free screen sharing option which makes it ideal for those who want to communicate and interact between remote participants to organise and attend online meetings. While attempting to share computer screen you can also create and share graphs to make your presentation easy-to-understand by using its whiteboard tool. actually main advantages of this screen sharing tool include effectiveness and convenience as it also allows you to avoid any one or all the participants of the online meeting, if you want to do something not related to them during the call, by muting them.

4. Mikogo

This screen sharing software allows you to organise meetings online. Some of the other features of this instant conferencing tool include ability to change participants while sharing screen, easy access to keyboard and mouse of remote computer, option to reschedule sessions, high quality VoIP services and documenting your meetings etc. You can also know the numbers of screens shared by you are seen by the participants. Its compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux makes it a good software for teamwork. Speech Bubble is another feature of Mikogo that allows you to use all of its features by reminding you about them. It also provides you a small screen to see the things displayed on remote computers.

5. Join me

This instant conferencing software created by LogMeln allows businesses to share computer screen to schedule meetings and collaborations between the participants placed remotely. You can use this screen sharing tool as easily as Skype. You can make your remote meeting better by using Join.me instantly. When you are using its free version then you can communicate with up to 10 remotely placed people but if you use its paid version then you can communicate simultaneously with up to 250 people all over the world. You can also use this software for documenting your online meetings along with organising them with remote people to provide them to the participants who cannot be connected online during meeting.


So, if you want to share computer screen with your friends or associates then you can use any of the software options briefly discussed in this write-up. After knowing how to share computer screen you can easily find the best software for you after comparing their features and suitability to your needs.

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